Cosplay Cents

How to Save and Make Money with Cosplay!

Sit back and relax while I show you how to find the best deals on everything from crafting tools to makeup, while avoiding costly mistakes. This book will teach you how to source and make basic armor, props and more.

If that's not enough, I will show you how to promote yourself, as well as how make your money back in sales! Did I forget to mention my stealthy material resource list, which includes over 100 suppliers?

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A Different kind of Cosplay Book

But I've seen other books on cosplay.
What makes yours so special?

Yes, there are other cosplay books out there; books which offer countless pages of empty content, where the author spends 30 pages explaining what cosplay is, 40 pages about preparation, and then showcase a few pictures of some artists who had perfected their craft before closing out and wishing you the best of luck.

I call these 80/20 books, meaning that they contain 80% fat, 20% lean. By the time the author cuts through all of the fat, they barely touch the meat - the sole reason of why you had bought their glorious book to begin with.

So what makes mine different? Glad you asked! Because my book is the only one which focuses on the art of saving and making money in the cosplay industry! That way, you can afford to attend all those wild conventions without breaking the bank.

Learn from my mistakes!

Cosplay looks so difficult.
Where do I even begin?

Think of me as your big sis. I've learned some tough lessons and have made many mistakes, so that you don't have to! I can't promise you the most magnificent costume in the world, but I can help you to make one without having to promise away your first-born to an evil green imp.

I have a "no fluff" policy. Each chapter in this book will cut straight to the chase, promising you the most bang for your buck. Although my primary focus will drill on ways to cut costs and maximize your dollar, I will also explain basic costume techniques, such as how to make armor, props and other cool stuff.

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Full Color pictures and Detailed Instructions

Take a looksy at these sample pages to get an idea of how I lay things out. My simple instructions are brain-friendly.

Each chapter is filled with example after example of "how-to" secrets, including some of my own dirty little crafting secrets, which I've disclosed to no one before.

Shhhh! It's a secret. For your eyes only!

If that's not already enough, I'll explain several ways in which you can actually MAKE MONEY as a cosplayer!

More excited than the Joker at a carnival? Then take the red pill and plunge down this inspirational rabbit hole.

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